Valuation Process

Step 1: Tell us your needs 

For what purpose do you need a valuation?

Do you need a common stock valuation, or a company valuation?

For which date do you need the valuation?

We can also help you answer some of our questions.

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Step 2: Send us information

Once you have signed our engagement letter, we will send you an orderly data requirement list. Generally, the list will include:


  • Articles of incorporation
  • Financials statements and projections
  • Last round contracts for any external funding, among others.
  • Capitalization table
  • Options table
  • Executive summary and/or company presentation


After we have reviewed the information and do our own research, we then have a short call to answer any questions we may have.


Step 3: Sum-up call and get your report

Once we have processed all the information, we'll call you for a brief overview of our assumptions and results. We will send you a draft report to review, and send you a signed one upon your approval.